Show#10- “I Hate My Voice”

“That’s my voice? It doesn’t even sound like me…”

Don’t like the Sound of your Voice? Many people don’t. I didn’t always like the sound of my voice. The result is that you then can use your Voice as another excuse for not Speaking at social & business events. If you never fully engage situations that can open doors to a brighter future, you lose many… … [Read More]

Show#8. “Bad Advice for Good Speakers”

Advice For Speakers? There’s more than you could ever read or watch, all available in Books, CD’s, DVD’s, On-line, Off-line, and Seminars. All promising information & training for Speakers. Some of it’s good, some of it’s not so good, and some of it’s… [Read More]

Show#7. “Words Mean More than What You Say”

Wait a minute…I said that, but I didn’t mean that!

Spoken words mean more than their dictionary definition. The words you say carry your feelings & opinions for the subject you’re Presenting. You must know how your vocal delivery affects your message. And to be absolutely clear, there’s more to the  message you deliver to your audience then the words alone.

Here are 3 points that will affect your message, and may change your original intention into something you really…… [Read More]

Show#6. “Think Before You Speak”

Public Speaking and Presenting demands your Critical Attention to the words and phrases you say. Because “Once you Say them, You Own them.” The Web has made escape from personal… [Read More]