“The Fear of Speaking”

“The Fear of Speaking –
Toxic Phrase, Toxic Results”

Words mean more than those we say and so it is with the phrase “the Fear of Speaking.” It’s a familiar, socially acceptable, and convenient phrase to explain away one’s reluctance to engage in Public Speaking. And it’s the very common use and acceptance of the phrase that does more to produce less from a majority of citizens by… [Read More]

Globalization : a New Challenge for Japan

Globalization Presents a Challenge for Japan:

is there a Solution?

A White Paper
Tom j Dolan

Japan has a dynamic economy, now rated #3 in the world. But all things are not bright in the Land of the Rising Sun. Globalization has increased competition for consumers attention, and other Asian countries are actively and successfully pursuing their own economic agendas. Quite successfully it seems.

The result: Japanese manufacturers, well-established producers of global brands, are feeling the heat of competition in their own backyard. One major challenge they face is an unexpected, un-exceptable, and a complex internal challenge for this Asian giant and it must be confronted now.

As you will see, a solution, and rather quickly, is fundamental to their future well-being…and it isn’t going to be easy to resolve.

(note)As of May 2015, there are several new proposals being advanced by the japan mapAbe government and one of them focuses on the “need” for more and better English education in Japan. Despite myriad suggestions and the newly refocused awareness on a problem that everybody seems to be aware of throughout Japan, there’s no immediate danger of an instant fix for this situation. The real life issue for Japan is with the neighborhood.  The neighbors already “get it”. They long ago understood the issue and have diligently focused on improving their opportunities in the emerging global marketplace. ~ [Read More]


Show#33- A Recap

Worth a 2nd view~

This recap looks at some of the important techniques and skills we’ve examined in the past year. Competence & Confidence in Public Speaking, and generally, Speaking in Public, is a decision point when Companies are… [Read More]

“The New Opium of the Masses”

“The New Opium of the Masses”

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Opium. The use of a natural GMO-free psychological enhancer, Opium for example, to augment reality is a historically documented past-time. Some would even say it’s a universal human habit. Well, times do change and with it the substitute takes new forms, new context, new delivery systems. And it’s not always a natural substance or a legally compounded drug …[Read More]

opium pipe

If you’re going to develop a habit, choose a good one.

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