Show#28- Job Interview – Pt.3

Job Interviews Pt. 3 – Your A,S,S.

The Job Interview. It isn’t easy in the best of times. And although the economic situation seems to be improving, today still isn’t the “Best of Times.” If you’re out Interviewing for a job or a “ position” you already know this isn’t the best of times. You also know it may be a long time before many of us can say “things are Great!” But life-is-life, and you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.

So although investing the time & effort is physically & emotionally draining, and can be somewhat costly financially, You still want to put forth your…… [Read More]

Show#26- Job Interview – Pt.1

Interviewing for a new job can be challenging, stimulating, stressful, and successful…but it’s rarely enjoyable. ~TjD

Job Interview Pt.1 – Preparation

The Job Interview: Not the easiest task at any time under the best conditions. Searching for a Job in today’s economy, in almost any Country, is difficult & frustrating. In this video, the first in a series of 3-videos targeting the “job interview” let’s look at some of the pre-interview decisions…… [Read More]

Show#25- “Speaker Training-How to Choose”

This video discusses some benefits and expectations of Speakers Training. We’ll take a brief look at “Public Speaking” vs “Speaking in Public” which is not the same thing. While not everyone wants to be a Professional Speaker, many would like to Speak in public without feeling self-conscious, embarrassed, sweaty, or ill. You might feel that Training of any kind from anyone can’t possibly help you… if you really … [Read More]

Show#24- “umm & ahh in Speaking”

It’s the little things that make a difference~

The repetitive use of umm & ahh seems, for some Speakers, to be a chronic, impossible to overcome habit…  And it isn’t always due to stress or anxiety. Frequently it’s simply a speaking habit that the Speaker developed at some point in life and is unaware of it, or is simply comfortable with it. Actually, with awareness, Training & focused Practice, a Speaker can manage this habit or in many instances… [Read More]