“Can I Avoid Looking Foolish When I Speak?”

“Can I Avoid Looking Foolish When I Speak?”

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Are you always worried about Looking foolish or feeling self-conscious when you speak out? In fact you may feel so embarrassed when you try, you don’t offer an opinion or an idea or a solution into any conversation. It’s a very common feeling, and statistics say 60-70% of Americans don’t even try to advocate, communicate, or educate in a group environment.

If you can identify with that issue, that feeling, but you would like to get over it [Read More]       

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It’s not a “fear of Speaking” it’s fear of embarrassment
and they are not the same thing.

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Show#22-“A Mediocre Speaker?”

Good Speaker, Mediocre Speaker, Bad Speaker?

No Speaker wants to be a Mediocre Speaker! But is case that is your goal, which I admit is kinda ridiculous, our “Guest Host” introduces us to 5 steps you can take to ensure you accomplish that goal. 

Now seriously, that’s probably not what you want, but are your skills and techniques in danger of… [Read More]

Note Cards @ TED

Michael Specter is a staff writer for the New Yorker. In this Presentation at TED, he demonstrates a Performance of Speaking technique that I strongly suggest you consider. Instead of Reading a Speech, or continually referring to[Read More]

“A Natural Born Speaker?”

“A Natural Born Speaker?”

Article Hosted on Scribd.com

The term “Natural Born Speaker” is typically used to describe a person who speaks easily & confidently in front of others. But is that a valid description of an accomplished Speaker? My experience tells a different story: Good Speakers aren’t “Naturally Born”, they’re really not.

In fact the general acceptance of this phrase can have severe negative implications for any that accept it as true.group speaker And those implications, statistics reveal, affect most of us. Primarily it’s a discouraging effect. Quite frankly, we are, all of us, ill-served by accepting the validity of this phrase and yet the majority of people do.

But if the phrase “Natural Born Speaker” isn’t justifiable, then what explains the general acceptance and usage of it? What is the payoff? [Read More]


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