Show#17- “Too Embarrassed to Try!”

Embarrassment, anxiety, fear, stage fright and so on…

Embarrassment, the fear of it, is a primary reason that people avoid Public Speaking. The consequence of avoiding Public Speaking is the loss of personal and professional opportunities. Better professional positions for instance, or contributing in social situations where Public Speaking is expected or required. Why settle… [Read More]

Show#14- “How to Read a Speech Successfully”

Read a Speech? It’s rarely recommended but sometimes it’s necessary. Even seasoned Speakers have difficulty sounding conversational, almost always sounding like they’re reading it rather than saying it or telling it to us, the audience.

If you keep in mind one of my basic Truths: “All Speaking is a Conversation” you will already be mentally prepared to… [Read More]

Show#9- “Makeup for Speakers (even men)”

Makeup for Speakers? Yes. Even men? Yes. It’s always applied to the faces we see on TV, Video, & Film, Ad’s in magazines. From my experience in media work, having had a lot of make-up applied to my skin, I’ve learned  quite a bit about what is good and… [Read More]

Show#8. “Bad Advice for Good Speakers”

Advice For Speakers? There’s more than you could ever read or watch, all available in Books, CD’s, DVD’s, On-line, Off-line, and Seminars. All promising information & training for Speakers. Some of it’s good, some of it’s not so good, and some of it’s… [Read More]