Show#17- “Too Embarrassed to Try!”

Embarrassment, anxiety, fear, stage fright and so on…

Embarrassment, the fear of it, is a primary reason that people avoid Public Speaking. The consequence of avoiding Public Speaking is the loss of personal and professional opportunities. Better professional positions for instance, or contributing in social situations where Public Speaking is expected or required. Why settle… [Read More]

Show#16 – Speaking with Stories

Once upon a time there was a…

Speaking with Stories adds a new dimension to your Presentation. Stories, especially if they reveal a personal experience, can generate greater empathy and support for both you and your Reason for Speaking.

Storytelling is hot in Speaking and Presentations. Telling stories has experienced an increase in… [Read More]

Show#13- “Presentation Gold”

Presentations are a central part of life for many: people in business, corporate, professionals, academics, medical staff and so many more. At any time they’re addressing all kinds of organizations, Business, Social, Political, and Non-profits, etc. Speakers must consider how Best to… [Read More]

Show#12- The “Penguin Expert”

There’s always one in every crowd!

Audience Analysis is part of your Speaking & Presentation preparedness. Best practice suggests that you should collect information about your Audience. On the other hand, it’s important to keep this task in proper perspective. You may be somewhat clairvoyant but you can’t predict the Penguin Expert … [Read More]