This is How to Read a Speech


To Read a Speech or not to Read a Speech is a question many people ask themselves when facing the task of presenting information to any group large or small, business, professional, academic or pleasure. 

If you’ve followed this website for any length of time you know that my opinion on the matter is [Read More]

Stage movement @ TED

In this TED video, Johanna Blakley, delivers a Presentation on Women and Social Media. What caught my attention was the inordinate amount of time the video spends focused on her slides instead of on her. Why I wondered?… [Read More]

A Music Stand @ TED

There are many creative choices that you can make to ensure your message is delivered successfully. ~TjD

A Music Stand…is this a Concert?  No. Joseph Nye, former Assistant Secretary of Defense, and former Dean of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, offers sharp insights into international politics. But that’s not why I’ve chosen to feature him here. Keep in mind, we can learn from the inventive ideas of other Speakers. Now,

Although his topic is interesting and worthy of a TED presentation, nevertheless, I’m hoping you’ll find his creative and [Read More]

“Can I Avoid Looking Foolish When I Speak?”

“Can I Avoid Looking Foolish When I Speak?”

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Are you always worried about Looking foolish or feeling self-conscious when you speak out? In fact you may feel so embarrassed when you try, you don’t offer an opinion or an idea or a solution into any conversation. It’s a very common feeling, and statistics say 60-70% of Americans don’t even try to advocate, communicate, or educate in a group environment.

If you can identify with that issue, that feeling, but you would like to get over it [Read More]       

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It’s not a “fear of Speaking” it’s fear of embarrassment
and they are not the same thing.

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