“Can I Avoid Looking Foolish When I Speak?”

“Can I Avoid Looking Foolish When I Speak?”

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Are you always worried about Looking foolish or feeling self-conscious when you speak out? In fact you may feel so embarrassed when you try, you don’t offer an opinion or an idea or a solution into any conversation. It’s a very common feeling, and statistics say 60-70% of Americans don’t even try to advocate, communicate, or educate in a group environment.

If you can identify with that issue, that feeling, but you would like to get over it [Read More]       

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It’s not a “fear of Speaking” it’s fear of embarrassment
and they are not the same thing.

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Practise, Practise, Practise – a Key to Success~

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Read a Speech @ Princeton University

Jeff Bezos of amazon.com, delivers an address at Princeton University. As you watch him read his speech, let’s watch for several training points that can benefit all of us.

1.  Although he is talking about personal events from his childhood, he delivers his Speech with constant reference to his speech pages on the lectern. Here is a classic example of “Reading a Speech” and illustrates why you should avoid this delivery choice… [Read More]

Show#18- “Speakers, Lecterns & Podiums”

Stand on it? Stand behind it? Find out here~

Speakers frequently have the opportunity to work with Lecterns & Podiums. Each one is a Speakers tool and the proper use can enhance your impact with your audience.

Lecterns & Podiums come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and they are often confused as being the same thing or interchangeable… but they’re not.


nu lecternA Speaker typically stands on one, and behind the other. In this Show we’ll take a look at which is which and… … [Read More]