Tell a Story

In this TED Presentation, Rob Harmon tells a story, a really good story, and although it involves him, it’s not about him. Stories can win over the Hearts-n-Minds of your audience.  And Personal Stories…they’re even better. Why you ask? Well,

When you Tell a Story it presents you as a Real person, willing to share with the audience. You indicate you’re not there merely to sell something, you’re someone the audience can make a connection with. And this connection can generate good will for both You and your Cause, Project, or Product. This is true, but caution is advised. There’s a difference between Sympathy and Support.

Rob Harmon succeeds in effectively building Engagement with, and Support from, the audience. Stories are a skillful Performance of Speaking tool. When you make friends with an Audience and they like You, you’re in a position to influence the Audience and gain their support. See more TED videos.

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Ask: Does my Story Help me achieve my Goals with the Audience?

If Yes, use it. If No, don’t.

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